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As a blogger, your focus should be on your great content. You shower your audience with wonderful photos, videos and posts. That is what makes your blog a success! Any other use of your time is a distraction that limits the growth of your audience and that all-important traffic, page views and visitors.

Breakthrough Web Design offers hosting services for bloggers, catered to your needs. We will install WordPress for you and deliver your login username and password. You just simply install the theme of your choice and build your blog as you like! Best of all, we will provide support along the way.

(Need additional help? Contact us for assistance at a low, affordable price point.)

Our cost for this service is a small set-up fee of $99.00. The continued hosting of your blog is just $9.99 per month, which includes a custom email account and tech support. If you have an interest in fast-tracking your blog to stardom, we will also deliver a complete plan for success for your blog based on your needs and goals at a cost of $299.00.  This is a comprehensive consulting session that rewards you with a detailed plan to help your blog achieve its goals.


Do your self a favor. Remove the hassle and technical headaches in setting up and running your blog. Contact us and find out how easy and fun your blog can be with support and guidance from the experts at Breakthrough Web Design.


Breakthrough Web Design has a proven record of success in developing blogs that MAKE MONEY and REVENUE. is a full-fledged media agency / website / blog developed by the owner of Breakthrough Web Design, Matt Marquardt. This website was launched on October 1, 2010. When it launched, it had ZERO traffic. In its short life, “NIT” has blossomed into a high-traffic website / blog with well over 100,000 unique visitors each month that reaches as many as 500,000 page views per month. It’s success is driven by a number of factors, including outstanding content that visitors yearn to read every day. With great content comes the life-blood of a successful blog: visitors and traffic. This drives REVENUE opportunities. Everyone likes to make money, and a blog like (and potentially, YOUR BLOG) can do just that with excellent content, a safe, fast, secure web host, and of course expert support and consulting when needed.

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